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We all know that ultimately, Truck Tolls will become Car Tolls and those Toll gantries will be
 nothing more than a taxpayer ATM machine for the RI DOT. 


Yes our bridges must be fixed and maintained, but the funding should come from the bloated RI budget each year, not from a new stream of revenue or more debt like Governor Raimondo proposed and the General Assembly passed. When legislators pass a budget every year prioritizing crony giveaways like historical tax credits or movie tax credits or the governor’s tax incentive programs to try and bribe businesses to locate or expand in RI, or the budget provides increases in state employee positions or increases in salaries, or the legislature refuses to rectify fraud and abuse in our social welfare programs, it implicitly puts bridge repair and maintenance low on the list of priorities.  And what have these tax credits/incentives and bloated state government gotten us?  50th place in a CNBC ranking, crumbling bridges and new TOLLS!


If Tolls were the right way to go, then why is it noticeably missing from Speaker Mattiello’s campaign literature?  It was one of the most sweeping pieces of legislation in recent memory, yet he forgot to include it as one of his accomplishments!


It’s time to bring about a change in priorities.  And to do that, we need a change in the General Assembly.



   Theimage003.png incumbent’s vote on Tolls tells you where they stand on the Toll issue and we provide you with that information.  But in addition to that vote, StopTollsRI is providing you with another important vote.  Your legislator made a second important vote back in February.  A constitutional amendment requiring the public’s vote on future Car Tolling was put before your representative in the House.  An amendment to the toll bill requiring a public vote on the Truck Toll bill itself was put before your senator.  The amendments were squashed in both the House and the Senate, but we provide you with who voted against your right to determine whether cars will be tolled in the future.


In addition to the incumbent’s position on these issues, wanted to know 


where the challengers stood on the Toll issue and how to fund RI’s bridge repair.  We distributed a questionnaire to ask just that.  You can see the Primary Races here along with the candidates response to our questions.  The General Election races will be posted soon.


If your candidate didn’t respond, it’s up to you to ask why and to tell them you want to know where they stand. 


The 2016 elections are where the rubber will meet the road when it comes to the debacle we now face known as Truck Tolls. The stakes are high and your vote will be important in both the primary election and the general election.  Be sure you have a say in RI public policy.


 Primary Election - Tuesday, September 13, 2016 




General Election - Tuesday, November 8, 2016





Did you know Representatives DeSimone, Shekarchi, Blazejewski,Carnevale and Ucci sponsored the House Truck Toll legislation, H 7409?


Did you know Senators Ruggerio, DiPalma, McCaffrey, Paiva Weed and Goodwin sponsored the Senate Truck toll legislation, S 2246?


Did you know Representatives Craven and Malik, along with Senator Lombardo, were otherwise indisposed and didn’t show up to vote on the Toll Legislation -  the most important public policy in recent history?


Did you know Senator Ciccone voted for tolls in 2015, then told StopTollsRI in 2016 that he opposed Tolls, then voted for Tolls in February 2016.


Did you know Ocean State Job Lot was given hush money so they would pipe down on their opposition to the Truck Toll scheme.  They had become very loud in their opposition and the governor and general assembly leadership didnt like that.  Ocean State Job Lot is primed to receive nearly $8 million in incentives to expand their Quonset facilities.


Did you know Representative Morgan, along with Representatives Roberts, Price, Filippi, Chippendale, Giarrusso, Lancia and Senators Morgan, Gee and Kettle championed the opposition to Tolls and provided an alternative funding plan that added no new revenue stream.


Did you know Representative Filippi, along with Representatives Chippendale, Morgan, Price and Roberts sponsored a bill proposing a constitutional amendment requiring voter approval for future tolling of cars.


Did you know Representative Filippi then proposed an amendment on the floor (LC 004326-17) proposing a constitutional amendment requiring voter approval for future tolling of cars.


Did you know Representatives Mattiello, Abney, Ackerman, Ajello, Almeida, Amore, Azzinaro, Barros, Bennett, Blazejewski, Canario, Carson, Casey, Corvese, Costantino, DeSimone, Diaz, Edwards, Fellela, Fogarty, Handy, Hearn, Hull, Jacquard, Johnston, Kazarian, Keable, Kennedy, Lima, Lombardi, Maldonado, Marcello, Marshall, McEntee, McKiernan, McNamara, Messier, Morin, Naughton, OBrien, OGrady, Palangio, Phillips, Regunberg, Ruggiero, Serpa, Shekarchi, Slater, Solomon, Tanzi, Tobon, Ucci, Williams and Winfield voted against the constitutional amendment requiring voter approval for tolling cars in the future.  Conveniently, Craven and Malik weren't available to vote.


Did you know Senators Paiva Weed, Archambault, Ciccone, Conley, Coyne, Crowley, DaPonte, DiPalma, Doyle, Felag, Fogarty, Goldin, Goodwin, Lombardi, Lynch Prata, McCaffrey, Metts, Miller, Nesselbush, Pearson, Picard, Ruggerio, Satchell, Sosnowski and Walaska voted against the amendment requiring voter approval for truck tolls? Conveniently, Lombardo wasnt’ available to vote.


Did you know Senators Pagliarini, Algiere, Jabour, Cote and Ciccone sponsored a bill proposing a constitutional amendment requiring voter approval for future tolling of cars. NOTE: In a contradictory vote, Ciccone voted against a floor amendment proposing the same thing. 




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