Gov. Raimondo's Plan Will Take A Toll On Rhode Islanders. Join the Voice of No!

Trucks Today, Cars Tomorrow

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According to Governor Raimondo’s own study, thousands of jobs will be lost under the Truck Toll Plan, many of them in the very industries her $1.3 million Brookings report said were the industries that showed the most potential for RI - trucking, warehousing/logistics and manufacturing.

With truck tolls, Rhode Islanders can expect lost jobs, lost tax revenue and higher consumer prices.


* Will this law be found to be unconstitutional?

* If so, does that mean tolls on smaller trucks and ultimately, cars?

* Does the largest chunk of bridge repair, the 6/10 Connector, even properly serve commuters?  Is it needed or is a much less expensive boulevard the better answer? If the 6/10 Connector isn’t needed, do we even need a ‘surge’ in funding?

* How many trucking and trucking-related companies will leave RI?

* How many trucking and trucking-related companies will cut jobs?

* How many trucking and trucking-related companies will refuse to expand?

* Can the ‘dysfunctional and unaccountable’ DOT handle a ‘surge’ in projects to manage?

* Can the DOT find enough RI construction companies and workers to handle a ‘surge’ in projects?

* Can RI’s roads handle the system of detours that will be required in a surge of transportation projects?

* Which insiders will benefit from toll gantry contracts with the phrase “competitive negotiation” rather than competitive bidding?

* Is this how RI government is supposed to work?

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